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Paul Jackson is a creative artist whose medium is camera and video. Paul’s love for photography all started as a teenager in Prattsburg, New York. Paul did odd jobs and saved his money to buy his first camera, a Minolta 7000 film camera. His first paying gig was photographing race cars at the Watkins Glen Race Track.

A lot has happened in the field of photography. What began as Paul’s creative passion to capture a moment in time and develop it in a dark room seems antiquated in today's digital world.  Paul's early aerial videos found him hanging out a helicopter.  With today's technology Paul has found flying a drone as a cost effective alternative.

A picture tells a thousand words and Paul's photography tells a story to your customers. Be it the love story of a wedding, the intrigue of real estate, explaining a product and bringing ideas to life.

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you own a business, manage a marketing firm, sell real estate, plan weddings, or need a top-notch photographer, Paul takes care of the visual story so you can focus on your job. Pictures are a powerful way to convey ideas and Paul has an eye for photographs that stay true to your companies’ unique brand voice. A huge thanks to the professional community here in Asheville who has joined Paul on this journey, we hope you will continue to be a part of our story.

Email:                          Phone:  828-243-2210

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